About us

The entrance of Slovakia into European Union rapidly accelerated the importance and the position of university education with the constant demand for the qualified and linguistically skilled manpower not only in Slovakia, but also in globalized Europe. This state meant for the field of education that the competitive environment was introduced and students can enjoy the wider offer in all the courses of study. It is an objective and a welcomed fact that the quantity of these institutions is gradually changing into quality and the natural hierarchy of universities and colleges is being formed.

The Janko Jesenský Faculty of Law, with the knowledge of all the facts in the segment of education, entered the academic life in the year 2006. We are pleased to say that it obtained the time unlimited re-accreditation for the first, second and third level of university education. The lectures in the English, German and French language have been attended both by Slovak and foreign students. The Janko Jesenský Faculty of Law established gradually many necessary connections to national and foreign institutions to support the student and teacher mobility, which is another inevitable step to joining the international university area. The international conferences are organized in order to cooperate with external environment. The conferences are aimed at the contemporary global problems in the area of law creation and law application, which are solved in cooperation with the representatives of corresponding professional associations. Nevertheless, in addition to all of these activities, the students of internal and external Bachelor´s and Master´s programmes remain the priority for the faculty and its staff. We try to create collegial and intellectually fruitful atmosphere – this aim is achieved especially thanks to the members of acclimatised pedagogical staff who are active as lawyers at the same time. That is another reason why we are assured that our students are offered and provided highly professional conditions that are above usual standards and are supported by real legal and life empirism.

The long term philosophy of the faculty determines the ways how we execute our goals:
•    employing the best university pedagogues, especially from the Slovak Republic, but also from abroad – the emphasis is put on the specialists from the countries of V4, mostly those from the Czech Republic,
•    the connection to the social practice – this goal is achieved through the practical education done by reputable specialists in law, observation of model court proceedings and other methods, which result from the work and creative invention and communication with the external environment,
•    undisputed emphasis on the quality and individual approach to every student (the highest number of students in a study group is 20 and we plan to make the groups smaller),
•    the introduction of nobler academic and collegial climate to support the symbiosis of highly professional requirements with collegiality and correct environment,
•     fulfilment of realistic and executable contracts about cooperation with foreign universities and faculties – both from the viewpoint of students and teachers,
•    the visits of our internal and external students to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, supported by the lectures of those pedagogues who are the members of the Council.

The Faculty of Law offers a multifaceted type of education, which enables the graduates to enter many fields of private and public sector. It is not true that the job market for legal professions is saturated – the Slovak Republic lacks hundreds of lawyers in state administration and private sphere. Moreover, citizens will also gradually get used to the operational guidance of a qualified solicitor.  The generational change in the traditional professions of judges, solicitors, prosecutors, notaries, etc. will also naturally change the situation. It will be easier to enter the professional practical world for the qualified and universally prepared young people. The Janko Jesenský Faculty of Law, thanks to the top academic staff and new leadership at the level of faculty and Rector´s office, offers the high-quality education that enables our graduates to accomplish the best results in the difficult fight for professional success.